Body Care

Body Exfoliation

Sea Salt Glow -- 45 mins -- $80
This perfect full body exfoliation uses natural minerals from the salts of the Dead Sea to improve cell metabolism. Your exfoliation is followed with a luxurious application of moisturizing cream.

Body Wraps

The Sea Beckons Your Wellness

Mineralized Dead Sea Black Mud Wrap  -- 1 hr 15 min -- $110
This body treatment is rich in the therapeutic powers of mud from the Dead Sea. Mud, salt and water of the Dead Sea contain a unique mixture of minerals and trace elements that make the earths greatest spa product! Exfoliate, then wrap your entire body in this stimulating mud. Finish this body wrap with the hydration of a beautiful cream.

Algae & Green Tea Body Wrap -- 1 hr 15 min -- $100
Born and grown in the Brittany seawater, seaweed is one of the best sources of natural minerals. This wrap benefits your skin by re balancing, nourishing, hydrating and detoxifying. Green Tea is added for refining pores and as a powerful antioxidant. Following your body wrap, a luxurious cream to leave your skin feeling renewed and awakened.

Smooth Cranberry Wrap -- 1 hr 15 min -- $100
Envelop your body in the wellness of the anti-oxidizing and nourishing power of pure cranberry. This tiny berry is rich in ingredients that love your skin. Feel the anti-aging benefits at the same time as the omega 3&6 ingredients work to moisturize. Exfoliate, wrap and sooth your entire body with this special spa treatment.

Moroccan Oil Body Ritual-- 1 hr 15 mins -- $120
Be revitalized, refreshed and relaxed by this luxurious journey inspired by a traditional Moroccan ritual. Antioxidant Argan oil and naturally replenishing botanicals create a uniquely transforming treatment for even the driest of skin. It includes the benefits of a full body exfoliation with our Moroccan Oil Body Buff, a luxurious body wrap, followed by a pure bliss massage with the highly concentrated Moroccan Body Souffle. The many benefits include helping restore elasticity and nourish the body leaving it softer and noticeably healthier. The journey concludes as Moroccan Oil’s Scalp Treatment and Hydrating Mask are warmed then massaged into the scalp and throughout the hair.

*Please advise your Aesthetician if you have any seafood allergies before recieving body treatments

Body Massage

The De-Stress  Massage -- 45 mins -- $60
A massage designed to relax the muscles and nervous system while simultaneously increasing blood and lymph circulation

Hot Stone Massage -- 1 hr 15 mins -- $95
Let your tension melt away while your body is relaxed using hot stones and nourishing body oils. This treatment will both cleanse and energize the Chakras leaving you with the feeling of balance and peace!

Body Polish & Massage -- 1 hr -- $90
A gentle body polish followed by a relaxing massage with rich, moisturizing lotion. Excellent before or after “Fun in the Sun” or any special occasion.

Scalp Massage -- 30 mins -- $40
Lay back and enjoy an exhilarating and therapeutic experience. This scalp massage treatment uses essential oils that will help calm and relieve the pain associated with headaches, migraines and sinus conditions.

Thai Herbal Compress Massage -- 1hr 15 mins -- $120
This unique treatment is a relaxation massage using warm compresses filled with Thai Herbs. It is excellent for providing relief from stiff, sore muscles, arthritis, migraines, and anxiety. The steamed herbs provide both soothing properties to the skin as well as when inhaled. Allow your senses to travel to a faraway place of calm and peace. (Please note this massage in not appropriate during pregnancy)